The degree of soil acidity or alkalinity is measured by what is known as the pH scale. A figure of pH 7 represents a materials relationship to the neutral position of pure water at pH 7.0. Figures below 7 indicate increasing acidity and above 7 increasing alkalinity.

The optimum for general cropping is between pH 6.8 and 7.0.

Acid soils are occur primarily in high rainfall, hilly / Mountainous and coastal regions. These regions in India are primarily used for food crops, horticulture and plantation crops. These soils are leached out of essential minerals and hence poor in fertility.

Impact on Productivity and Liming Needs

  • Liming is the most natural and easy method of soil amendment and pH correction.
  • pH correction will lead to an increase in the yield (50% to 150%)
  • pH correction will decrease the usage of chemical fertilizers and bring savings
  • Lime will provide Ca and Mg as minerals necessary for growth
  • Lime will improve the soil structure and help in better growth of root systems
  • Active Lime also acts as insecticide


Tattva Hical stood first in a competition held by Unconvention, a Villgro initiative, at Ahmedabad on 26th March'2016. THC's project of 'Granulated liming products' was recognized as an initiative with high social impact.

Awards & Recognition


Tattva Hical and Compounds Private Limited (THCPL) was founded in 2016 with an objective to develop quality products using Lime Stone and Dolomite minerals. Both these minerals are naturally occurring and have proven to be most versatile and necessary in several major industries like Steel, Non Ferrous, Chemicals, Paper, Environment, Construction and Agriculture. These minerals often require further processing to render usable in an efficient manner. THC specializes in this process starting from raw material selection, processing operations and its final application according to the user requirements. We have experience of developing products and applications for all major industries. We have a passion and vision to develop these quality products to help industry and society in India so that our national ambitions of Make in India and overall socioeconomic development can be fulfilled. Initially THCPL has chosen to work on the modernization of farming in India by providing products and services for maintaining soil health by using Lime and Dolomite.


THCPL is promoted by a senior professional who has more than 25 years each of professional experience working with global MNCs in India, Europe and Middle East. Mr Anoop TANDON, (B-Tech IIT Delhi and MBA-Exe, Paris) is the founder of the organization.