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Tattva Hical and Compounds Private Limited (THC) is founded in 2016 with an objective to develop quality products using Lime Stone and Dolomite minerals. Both these minerals are naturally occurring and have proven to be most versatile and necessary in several major industries like Steel, Non Ferrous, Chemicals, Paper, Environment, Construction and Agriculture. These minerals often requiring further processing to render usable in an efficient manner. THC specializes in this process starting from raw material selection, processing operations and its final application according to the user requirements. We have experience of developing products and applications for all major industries. We have a passion and vision to develop these quality products to help industry and society in India so that our national ambitions of Make in India and overall socioeconomic development can be fulfilled. Initially THC has chosen to work on the modernization of farming in India by providing products and services for maintaining soil health by using Lime and Dolomite.

Agri CAL : A granulated Lime product for Agriculture

Lime and Dolomite are the best and natural soil amendment and nourishing minerals used for neutralization of acidic soils. This has also been established by ample research work in Indian agricultural universities. In India there are large tracts of cultivated land which are acidic and increasingly becoming more acidic due to incessant usage of chemical fertilizers. Almost 25 Million hectares of land in India is having pH lower than 5.5 which urgently require Lime and Dolomite usage (Source: ICAR). Current Liming products available in the market are cumbersome and inefficient hence its usage is very limited and farmers do not use Lime in spite of recommendations by ICAR and all major agricultural universities in India.

Now based on the globally accepted technique of granulation, THC has indigenously developed a granulated product which is very effective and easy to use. This product resembles any other common fertilizer and can be used easily at a reasonable cost. This product has a potential to kick start the practice of Liming in India which can eventually increase the Farmers income by better yield and reduced usage of chemical fertilizers. This will also help government to reduce the subsidiary burden as the usage of chemical fertilizers will reduce once the PH is corrected. We also intend to use AgriCAL as a carrier for other essential micronutrients for the overall soil nourishment and a sustainable agriculture.


THC is promoted by two professionals who have more than 24 years each of professional experience working with global MNCs in India, Europe and Middle East. Mr Anoop TANDON, (BTech IIT Delhi and MBA-Exe, Paris) looks after the Strategy & Marketing and Mr. Gangadhar Jadhav (BTech Chem and MBA-Exe) takes care of all Operation and Supply Chain aspects. We are also tied up with several senior Industry personal as Mentors.

THC is based in Bangalore and has an upcoming production unit in Tamil Nadu which can easily serve the Agricultural fields of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. THC is aiming to market AgriCAL through distributers and channel partners in identified areas. Please write back to us for more details and enquiries.

Why Measure PH

Why Measure PH

pH is a scale that chemists use to measure acidity. Values < 7 are considered acidic Read More...

pH is a scale that chemists use to measure acidity. Values < 7 are considered acidic, values > 7 are alkaline and 7 is neutral. Most plants can tolerate a wide pH range in solution culture, but they cannot tolerate a wide range of acidity in the soil... Read More...


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Tattva Hical stood first in a competition held by Unconvention, a Villgro initiative, at Ahmedabad on 26th March'2016. THC's project of 'Granulated liming products' was recognized as an initiative with high social impact.



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