The degree of soil acidity or alkalinity is measured by what is known as the pH scale. A figure of pH 7 represents a materials relationship to the neutral position of pure water at pH 7.0. Figures below 7 indicate increasing acidity and above 7 increasing alkalinity.

The optimum for general cropping is between pH 6.8 and 7.0.

Acid soils are occur primarily in high rainfall, hilly / Mountainous and coastal regions. These regions in India are primarily used for food crops, horticulture and plantation crops. These soils are leached out of essential minerals and hence poor in fertility.

Impact on Productivity and Liming Needs

  • Liming is the most natural and easy method of soil amendment and pH correction.
  • pH correction will lead to an increase in the yield (50% to 150%)
  • pH correction will decrease the usage of chemical fertilizers and bring savings
  • Lime will provide Ca and Mg as minerals necessary for growth
  • Lime will improve the soil structure and help in better growth of root systems
  • Active Lime also acts as insecticide


Tattva Hical stood first in a competition held by Unconvention, a Villgro initiative, at Ahmedabad on 26th March'2016. THC's project of 'Granulated liming products' was recognized as an initiative with high social impact.

The nation that destroys its soils, destroys itself

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1937)

MinShakti helps improve soil health – which inturn helps enable higher yields and productivity

The benefits of Calcium and Magnesium are as below

  • Calcium helps formation of stronger cells thereby increasing the strength of the plants
  • Calcium enables formation of new tissues faster - thereby increasing growth cells and accordingly the plants
  • Magnesium helps in better chlorophyll formation - which helps in increasing the greenery of the plants
  • The above minerals also help in improving the absorption of NPK fertilizers by the roots of the plants

Being in 100% natural granular form, while providing the above benefits, MinShakti helps in improving productivity by

  1. Soil Amendment & Enrichment - MinShakti is an efficient and precise 100% natural product which provides Calcium & Magnesium to the soil. This enables optimize pH in a better and efficient manner.
  2. Sustained Release - The granules are slow releasing, thus hold pH at a level for a longer duration, which had direct linkage to better fertilizer efficiency as illustrated in the below chart.
  3. Fertilizer Efficiency reduces in Acidic Soils
    Soil Acidity Nitrogen Phosphate Potash % Fertilizer wasted Loss in crop productivity
    Extremely Acidic 4.5 30% 23% 33%< 71% > 50%
    Strongly Acidic 5.5 77% 48% 52% 55% 10 -50%
    Mildly Acidic 89% 52% 100% 20% Upto 10%
    Neutral 100% 100% 100% Nil Nil

    As illustrated above, fertilizer absorption works best in near neutral pH & MinShakti helps optimize the pH
    The slow release accompanied by multiple applications also ensures that the plants have the required calcium/ magnesium throughout their growth cycle

  4. Can be applied along-with fertilizers – This gives better efficiency of fertilizers and helps in providing nutrients to the plants at critical stages of plant growth. Multiple trials across crop spectrum have shown clear results indicating increase in efficiency of fertilizers once added alongwith MinShakti
  5. Smaller but more frequent/ regular dosage - It is possible to apply MinShakti frequently (twice/thrice a year). This will help in sustained improvement in soil structure and properties
  6. MinShakti is a quality controlled product thereby ensuring planters get a consistent product quality in terms of Ca & Mg
  7. Works on both top soil and sub soil acidity, thus giving best results
  8. Made from finely grounded powder so that maximum reactivity can be achieved